Mediterranean Urban Culture, 1400-1700

by Alexander Cowan (Editor)


Mediterranean Urban CultureIn this collection, a team of international scholars marked by the diversity of their backgrounds and of their approaches demonstrate both the range of collective urban experience in the Mediterranean and the complexity of urban culture in this period.

This collection of essays addresses two key questions: what is urban culture? and to what extent can we speak about a distinctive Mediterranean urban culture in the early modern period? Scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds in social, economic, art and architectural history, examine a range of case studies that reveal the variety and complexity of urban experience in the Mediterranean region, but also a significant degree of unity and distinctiveness within it.

The Myth of the Mediterranean City: Perceptions of Sociability
James Amelang, Free University Madrid
Neighbourhoods and Local Loyalties in Renaissance Venice
Joseph Wheeler, University of London
Foreigners and the City: The Case of the Immigrant Merchant
Alexander Cowan, Northumbria University
The Jews and the City in the Mediterranean Area
Donatella Calabi, Architectural University of Venice
The Culture of the Street: the Calle de la Feria in Córdoba, 1470-1520
John Edwards
Between Heresy and Free Thought, between the Mediterranean and the North: Heterodox Women in Seventeenth-Century Venice
Federica Ambrosini, University of Padua
The Cities of Puglia in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries: Their Economy and Society
Eleni Sakellariou, University of Joaninna
Economic Conditions in Thessaloniki between the two Ottoman Occupations
Alan Harvey, Northumbria University
Venetian Modon and its Port, 1358-1500
Ruth Gertwagen, University of Haifa
The Port Towns of the Levant in Sixteenth-Century Travel Literature
Benjamin Arbel, University of Tel Aviv
The Cultural Dynamics of Representational Space in Venetian Renaissance Painting
Tom Nichols, University of Aberdeen
As Much for its Culture as for its Arms': The Cultural Relations of Venice and its Dependent Cities, 1400-1700
Nicholas Davidson, University of Oxford
University of Exeter Press (13 May 2004)