Lecture(s) de la Ville/The City as Text

by Gilbert Bonifas (University of Nice) (Editor)


The City as TextThis collection of essays is based on the first joint colloquium organised by the Research Group in European Culture and the Centre de Recherche sur les Ecritures de Langue Anglaise of the University of Nice. Scholars in the fields of literature, art and architectural history, history and film studies consider a range of representations of the city and urban experience through the modern period.

In these essays the city appears in different guises: as privileged site of the imagination, principal theatre of modernity, and as a material and human entity that needs to be controlled and that men try to embellish.

'Preposterous City'
Mark Little, University of Northumbria
Insanity in the City: London and Lunacy in the Eighteenth Century
Allan Ingram, University of Northumbria
"With my Back Turned to it": Gertrude Stein's Real and Imaginary Landscapes and Cityscapes
Jean Marcet, University of Nice
David Gascoyne's Night Thoughts: 'The Infernal Megalometropolis'
Roger Scott, University of Northumbria
British Surrealism: Disqualifying Cities
Michel Remy, University of Nice
The Representation of New York in American Science Fiction
Denise Terrel, University of Nice
Space, Representation, and Social Exclusion: Les Amants du Pont Neuf (Leos Carax, 1991)
Martine Beugnet, University of Edinburgh
Text as Public Art / Public Art as Text
Jeremy Beach, University of Northumbria
Landmark Sculpture in the Age of Publicity
Paul Usherwood, University of Northumbria
From Grainger to 'Grainger Town': Visions and Visionaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Thomas Faulkner, University of Northumbria
London and Paris Illustrated in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
D.W. S. Gray, University of Northumbria
A Tale of Two Border Cities: San Diego and Tijuana
Isabelle Vagnoux, University of Aix en Provence
Bringing the Country to the City: Lord Brabazon's Urban Politics
Martine Faraut, University of Nice