The City in Central Europe:
Culture and Society from 1800 to the Present

Malcolm Gee, Tim Kirk, Jill Steward (Editors)


The City in Central EuropeThis collection of essays examines the impact of urbanisation on the cultural life of the German states and the Habsburg Empire from 1800 onwards. Cities discussed include Berlin, Budapest, Cracow, Hamburg, Prague and Vienna.

The over arching theme of this book is the shaping of modern urban culture - of modern 'urbanity' - in a broadly defined 'central europe' that included cities at very different stages of modernisation. From a variety of disciplinary perspectives, the essays in the volume examine the ways in which different forces acted to shape the urban environment, regulate behaviour and promote cultural activity, and the representations of urban life and identities that resulted from this.

Please note, 'The City in Central Europe' is now out of print. However, the Group has some copies in stock – contact Malcolm Gee or Tim Kirk if you would like to acquire one.

A City in Distress?: Paul Bröcker and the new architecture of Hamburg, 1900-1918
Matthew Jefferies, University of Manchester
From the garden to the factory: urban visions in Czechoslovakia between the wars
Jane Pavitt, Victoria and Albert Museum
Networks and boundaries: German art centres and their satellites, 1815-1914
Robin Lenman, University of Warwick
The Berlin art world, 1918-1933
Malcolm Gee, University of Northumbria
Cultural Institutions as urban innovations: the Czech lands, Poland and the eastern Baltic, 1750-1900
Lud'a Klusáková, Charles University, Prague
Castles, cabarets and cartoons: claims on Polishness in Kraków around 1905
David Crowley, Royal College of Art
'Gruss aus Wien': urban tourism in Austria-Hungary before the First World War
Jill Steward, University of Northumbria
Big-city Jews: Jewish big city - the dialectics of Jewish assimilation in Vienna c.1900
Steven Beller, Washington D.C.
Popular culture and politics in imperial Vienna
Tim Kirk, University of Newcastle
'Making a living from disgrace': the politics of prostitution, female poverty and urban gender codes in Budapest and Vienna, 1860-1920
Susan Zimmermann, Central European University, Budapest
Coping with social and economic crisis: the Viennese experience, 1929-1933
Gerhard Melinz, University of Linz
Walter Ruttmann's Berlin: Symphony of a City: traffic-mindedness the city in interwar Germany
Anthony McElligott, University of Limerick
Wim Wenders and Berlin
Sabine Jaccaud, London
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