Dr Jill Steward

Research interests

Jill Steward is Visiting Fellow in Cultural History at Newcastle University. Her research interests are in the history of urban tourism, particularly that of spa towns in central Europe, and the role of the media in the promotion of tourism. She was a contributor to The City in Central Europe and a co-editor with Alex Cowan of The City and the Senses: Urban Culture since 1500. Other publications include articles and book chapters on tourism history in collections such as New Directions in Urban History edited by Peter Borsay, Gunter Hirschfelder and Ruth- E. Mohrmann and Creative Urban Milieus: Historical Perspectives on Culture, Economy and the City edited by Martina Hessler and Clemens Zimmermann.


Jill is working on a number of projects relating to the relationship between the growth of print and visual culture and the growth of tourism before the First World War. She is particularly interested in links between journalism, the creative industries and the development of spa and urban tourism in this period.