Prof Tim Kirk

Research interests

Tim Kirk is Professor of European History at Newcastle University. His research interests are in the political culture of central Europe, and particularly Austria. He was a contributor to The City in Central Europe and co-editor of Printed Matters with Malcolm Gee, and of Subversion and Scurrility with Dermot Cavanagh. Other publications include  Nazism and the Working Class in Austria (Cambridge, 1996) and Nazi Germany (Palgrave, 2007).

Current activities

Tim is currently on research leave in Vienna, where he is a visiting research fellow at the Institut für Zeitgeschichte at Vienna University, working on the project Ergänzungsraum Südosteuropa. He is also currently editing (with Lud'a Klusakova, of Charles University Prague) Cultural Conquests, a collection of essays on the cultural dimension of conflict and occupation. He is also working on a book on The Nazi New Order in Europe, and this project has generated a number of papers and articles on politics and culture in central south-eastern Europe during the Second World War, including contributions to Anthony McElligott and Tim Kirk (eds), Working towards the Führer and Roel vande Winkel and David Welch (eds) The Cinema and the Swastika.