14 - 15 September 2001 , Nice

Colloquium Papers

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Papers delivered: Versions of the following are published in a special issue of Cycnos

Nathaniel Bacon: A Forerunner of the American Revolution
Yvette Salviati (U. of Nice)
Paradigms of Resistance: The Vietvet in the American Jungle
Andre Muraire (U. de Nice)
Didier Revest (U. of Nice)
Street Trading vs Traffic in Victorian and Edwardian London
Françoise Lapraz (U. of Nice)
Swift, Gulliver and Resistance. Eighteenth-Century Writing about Madness
Marketa Krizova (U. of Prague)
The Christian Mission in Colonial America Seen through the Eyes of the Indian Converts
Susan Oliver (U. of Cambridge)
Resisting Radical Energies: Walter Scott and the Re-Fashioning of the Border Ballads
Martine Faraut (U. of Nice)
Women Resisting the Vote. A Case of Anti-Feminism?
Valerie Auda-André (U. of Aix-en-Provence)
Resisting the Conservative Mainstream: On Some Writings of the Monday Club
Patrick Di Mascio (U. of Nice)
On resistance: William James's Vista
Antoine Capet (U. of Rouen)
Defining the British Will to Resist in 1940
Marie-Noelle Zeender (U. of Nice)
Resistance in Sydney Owenson's 'The Wild Irish Girl'
Papers that were not delivered at the colloquium due to the September 11th emergency, but which figure in the special issue of Cycnos:
Allan Ingram (U. of Northumbria)
Resisting Insanity: Language and Disorder in 18th century London
Richard Allen (U. of Northumbria)
"Mocked, scoffed, persecuted, and made a gazeing stock": The resistance of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) to the Religious and Civil Authorities in Post-Toleration South-East Wales, c. 1689-1836
Papers on topics outside the remit of Cycnos:
Nils Arne Soerensen (U. of Southern Denmark, Odense)
The Danish Resistance as lieu de memoire, 1945-2000
Anthony McElligott (U. of Limerick) and Tim Kirk (U. of Newcastle)
Memory and Myth in Resistance to Fascism
Malcolm Gee (U. of Northumbria)
Resisting French Culture: Germany before and after World War 1
Sharon Millar (U. of Southern Denmark, Odense)
The Rhetoric of Resistance: Danes and the European Union
Roy Sellars (U. of Southern Denmark, Kolding)
Resisting Adorno: Beckett, Resistance and the Politics of Non-Identity