Printed Matters, Publishing and Urban Culture

11th - 13th September 1997, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Publishing and the Urban Environment
The role of the printing and booktrades in the development of Lyon from the 15th to the 19th centure
Dominique Varry , University of Lyno
Readers, Browsers, Strangers, Spectators: Narrative forms and Metropolitan Encounters in the turn-of-the-century metropolis
Peter Fritzsche , University of Illinois
Money, Politics, Art and the press in the Radical Republic in Paris c.1900-1914
Fay Brauer, University of New South Wales
Cultural Networks and the dissemination of knowledge
The authorship and the readership of early modern alchemical texts
Brian Gibbons, University of Northumbria
Gender and the Business of Books: the Role of Women in Scotland's Early modern Book Trade
Alastair Mann, University of Stirling
'The Cultured City': networks, strategies and representation in the art press of Berlin and Paris between the wars
Malcolm Gee, University of Northumbria
Thomas Mann and 'The German Republic'
Jonathan Glynne, Camberwell College of Art
Image and Place
The Image of the City in Posters of War and Peace c.1890-1918
Linas Eriksonas, Charles University Prague
The contribution of France and Germany to the world wide picture postcard craze of the early 1900s
George Webber, St. Peter Port
The illicit
Neutrality under threat: freedon, Use and @Abuse@ o fthe press in Switzerland
Debbie Lewer, Manchester Metropolitan University
Text and Image in the construction of an urban readership: Allied propaganda in France during World War II
Valerie Holman, University of Westminster
Official and unofficial publishing in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s
Jirina Smejkalova, Centre for Gender Studies Prague